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What our exhibitors think of CPC

Exhibitor Testimonials 

University of East Anglia

The communication from the CloserStill Media team was excellent throughout, from the cancellation of the 2020 Congress due to the pandemic through to the 2021 and the event in September. We were kept updated regularly.

From the minute the doors opened in 2021 we were able to welcome a constant stream of people to our stand. For us, it’s important to be able to meet and talk to people face to face and Clinical Pharmacy Congress certainly allowed this to happen. We’re looking forward to May 2022! Thank you.


The Clinical Pharmacy Congress is a great platform to not only showcase our latest innovation to the healthcare market, but to also network with new and existing customers, as well as other exhibitors. The CPC is the largest gathering of clinical pharmacy professionals in Europe, so it provides a great opportunity to promote our brand and solutions to the pharmacy market. We try to hold a speaker session at the event too and these are always well attended. 

Rees Scientific 

We came here to find leads and break into the market. This is the priority of our business, is to get pharmacists involved. This audience is the right one for us. We've met some good people so far. We go to other shows in different industries. There is a little bit of brand recognition as well, some rapport building because a lot of our existing customers are here already. 

Health Education England  

We always come to this show primarily because there are 3000 pharmacists here – it's the best place to have that interaction with pharmacy professionals. We've certainly had a lot of interest. Our objectives are to promote our programs, promote our course content, and we've been successful in that – uptake has been good. It's a mixture of lead generation and brand awareness, we need to promote HEE as an organisation. A lot of people have heard of us but don't necessarily know what we do. We've got some very specific pharmacy courses that we're promoting as well so that's important to us. The education hub is a really good idea. If anyone wants to speak to higher education institutions, then having them in a central space works really well, particularly being so close to the education theatre. 


It's an opportunity for us to meet a lot of customers who are interested in the respiratory side of the business, especially the pharmacists who are connecting to the patients. We like to give information that can help patients. It's busy here and we're seeing a nice mix. They tend to come to the stand because they like to get information from us about the products that we sell. We like to find out from customers as well what their patients are looking for and this event is useful for that. 


In my role I meet and engage with clinical pharmacists. We're in the initial phase of launching our product so it's a very important audience to us. We meet the right kind of people here. There are many stakeholders in different functions who are involved in the buying and implementation of biosimilars, and pharmacists are an important part of that. Particularly in the earlier phase of the launch. So, it's important for us to be here. I find this show more useful than the clinical shows because I'm able to engage more with the pharmacists. 

NHS England 

We wanted to showcase our clinical pharmacy programme to all the delegates here and let them know about our national aseptic review that's taking place. We're meeting the right sort of people for that. 

South West Pharmacy 

We came here because we're doing a big recruitment drive for the South West. We're trying to drum up some interest and get people to move down to the South West. We have a network locally but this gives us access to more people. There's been a lot of interest so far. 


We come to CPC to get our name out and meet more people. We're trying to expand. We want to speak to pharmacists, learn about where they are, what they need, so we can expand, just get some more contacts. It's been really busy for us, we've had lots of people at the stand. We might move into training different types of pharmacist so a lot of this is about getting a feel for what's out there. 

Red Whale 

We train half the UK's GPs and we're doing a lot of work with CPD in terms of helping to upskill pharmacists in order to work in GP practices. We thought we'd come and meet other people who are doing similar things. Our objectives here are to create some visibility and it's been really good so far in that respect. We've also spoken to people who have been on our courses which is really nice, and we've spoken to business partners while we're here – it's easy to speak to people here who might be difficult to get hold of otherwise. I really like the idea of having an education hub. 


We work within the pharmacy environment. We dispense high-cost medicine, so a lot of our core customers are likely to be here, whether that's pharmaceutical companies or the NHS. There's been a steady flow that's building throughout the day. We've seen a lot of people from the manufacturing side. This is the main pharmacy show that we come to. Our objectives when we come here are lead generation, we hope to sign up centres or trusts for homecare services. There's a lot of opportunity at the moment around biosimilars, and that's hopefully where we'll get some leads across the next couple of days. 

Profile Pharma  

It's been busy, a good steady flow of people from across the UK. We've come here previously and found it worthwhile. It's a lot of brand recognition, that's why we come here. We want to get both our company name and awareness of products out there. In previous years we've had success – hence why we keep coming back. This is the only pharmacy show we come to – the other shows we go to are geriatric shows. Here, we see a nice steady flow – compared to other shows where we tend to see it all come at once. 

Oxford Pharmacy Store 

We're part of the NHS, here to show some of our products, explain what we do. We come back every year as it works for us. We've met a lot of suppliers that we work with. 


We're a really niche company, and we came here looking to find paediatric pharmacists. It was really busy and I've been speaking to some really good people. 

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