Space Only Stands

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Exhibitors who have booked a Space Only stand will have an area of empty space on the show floor.

Nothing is included in this space, and you should appoint a stand contractor to lay flooring, build walls and design your stand.


  • Construction height : max 4m (including sign)
  • The walls, signs or any structure along any open sides must not exceed more than 66% of each side of the stand.
  • The reverse of walls above 2.5m must be dressed in a smooth, plain and neutral colour. No signage or logos are to be visible.
  • Flooring: if you are planning to install a floor over 2cm high, it is IMPERATIVE to install a ramp to allow for disabled to access the stand. The ramp should be part of the stand and not encroach on the aisles.
  • Ceilings can only be muslin.
  • Banners: if rigged at more than 4m (from the floor to the top of the banner), please contact Pharmagora Operations team
  • Please send off your stand plans by the 7th February 2020
  • Cleaning is not included.


Be sure to check the Exhibitor Check List when preparing your stand, and pay attention to the tasks listed under 'SPACE ONLY'. 
All contractors and deadlines are found in the Exhibitor Checklist.

Deadline                   Task                    
    7 Februrary Public liability insurance   Send the completed forms and stand plans to:
Risk Assessment click here for a template
Space only stand approval click here for a template
Stand Plans  
Health & safety form A Click here for the form 
D.Ö.T Bureau
Send to
Health & safety form B   Click here to fill and send the form
    9 March Badges


Order form your E-Zone





  • Late night working is not permitted on this show​​​​​
  • Logistics and Onsite Lifting Contractor: We have appointed GES Logistics as our sole official contractor for PharamgoraPlus, therefore no other contractor will be permitted to enter the exhibition halls with forklifts during the tenancy of the event. Please ensure to contact GES Logistics at with your lifting and transport requirements.


  • Setup of all complex stands must be completed before 1500hrs, Friday 29th March to allow for a build compliance certificate to be issued
  • Oversized exhibits: Due to the nature of the event, GES Logistics will be operating a strict loading in and out schedule. For any exhibits exceeding any of this specification - 300 x 200 x 200cm / 1000kgs, please ensure to contact GES Logistics to discuss your requirements
  • Exhibitors / Contractors: In order to access the hall during the build period, a badge will be given to you by security at the entrance to the hall. You do not need to order them in advance. You must, however, register your vehicle on Logipass (- see the "Parking / Access" tab in the manual). For the timings of build, open and breakdown, please see "Show schedule" tab.
  • All left-over waste must be disposed of straight away
  • Do not fill storage spaces with waste, as it causes a fire risk
  • Health & safety equipment and clothing must be worn during build and break down periods (steel toe-capped boots, head protection etc)
  • Once build and breakdown periods are over, the Organisers will arrange for the removal of any material left over. This service will be charged to the relevant exhibitors.



  • Stands can only be dismantled after the closure of the exhibition. This cannot be commenced earlier, as stipulated in the contract. Material cannot be taken out until all visitors have left.
  • Exhibitors are liable for the removal of all stand materials, packaging as well as any waste in the Hall. This must be completed by 11pm on Sunday night
  • Please note that a fee will be charged for the removal of any items left behind.

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