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Welcome to the Exhibitor Manual 2020

This page is designed to assist you with your preparations for the event. Please read all sections carefully.





Thursday 25th June 1100 - 2300 hrs Space only 1400 - 2000 hrs
Friday 26th June 0800 - 2300 hrs

Space only

0800 - 2300 hrs   
Friday 26th June   1400 - 2300 hrs        Shell scheme        0800 - 2300 hrs




Saturday 27th June 0900 - 1800 hrs 1800 - 1900 hrs 0800 hrs
Sunday 28th June 0900 - 1800 hrs   0800 hrs



Sunday 28th June  1815 - 2100 hrs Shell scheme 0800 - 1930 hrs
Sunday 28th June  1815 - 2300 hrs   Space only 0800 - 1930 hrs
Monday 29th June 0800 - 1000 hrs    Space only NO POWER
Breakdown must be completed by 1000 hrs on Monday to allow for the cleaning of the hall.

*If you need power outside these hours, you need to contact ViParis: infos-exposants@viparis.com.




Each provider will require you to create YOUR OWN LOGIN DETAILS for their specific platform. This is required to provide the necessary protection of your payment details.



20 May Exhibitor Safety Instructions

Click here for the form 

(Click here if you need guidance on completing the form)

Send to sps@d-o-t.fr
Health & Safety form ORGANISERS Click here to fill and send the form
22 June Badges



Order form your E-Zone
Venue emergency procedures  ViParis Click here to read the emergency procedures for the venue
20 May Public liability insurance Stand contractor insurance 

Send the completed forms and stand plans to: 


Risk Assessment

Click here for a template

Space only stand approval


Click here for a


Stand Plans
Plans must include dimensions
As early as possible   Accommodation


+33 9 725 005 49


12 June Security on your stand




14 June

N.B. Orders need to be approved
by 14 June. Surcharges apply
from 15 June.
The platform closes on the 21 June. 



+33.1.60 .21.25.77


Shell scheme extras: Lighting, Storage, Walling, Carpet change
18 June  Audio visual



Will reopen on the 2 April Rigging ViParis

Internet / WiFi
Venue services
Electrics (Power)
22 June Scanners



Order from your E-Zone


GES Logistics

Click here for the order form

Send to MBernal@ges.com







Please contact directly


Ordering services on site
It is possible to order items during the build period, however there will be a surcharge and your preferred items cannot be guaranteed. We strongly advise that you order everything you need as early as possible.

All damages will be charged to the exhibitor. 

Reimbursement of VAT
Foreign exhibitors can claim back VAT on a wide range of services. For more information, please contact Quipsound: 

Tél.: +44 (0)1959 561717
Email: info@quipsound.com 
Web: www.quipsound.com





Deliveries can only be made during the official build-up and open period
You must ensure that there is someone available on your stand to receive such items.
Neither the Organiser nor the Venue can accept responsibility for items that require a signature. If you are unable to be present to receive your deliveries, please contact GES Logistics, who are able to sign and receive your deliveries for a fee : MBernal@ges.com.


Contact name
Mobile phone number

Name of Exhibiting company
Stand number
Porte D pour
Pavillon 3 / Hall 3: Pharmagora Plus 2020

1 place de la Porte de Versailles
75015 Paris





Vehicle Access : LOGIPASS
It is compulsory to register vehicle access requests for logistic areas and exhibitor parking (without fee). You can create your account and register here : logipass.viparis.com.



  • By car: ring road, exit Porte de Versailles.
  • By underground: direct access line 12 (Porte de la Chapelle – Mairie d’Issy). Nearest stations: Montparnasse, Concorde, Madeleine, Saint-Lazare.
  • By bus: 39, 80.
  • By Tram: T2 and T3 lines.
  • By Taxi:
    • Alpha Taxi : +
    • Taxi G7 : +
    • Taxis Bleus (Blue taxis) : +

Build-up and breakdown
Exhibitors can park along the Hall 3 for the period of one hour to unload at no charge. After this period they will be asked to move their vehicle to the parking spaces of the venue. Parking is free of charge during the build-up and breakdown period. Lorry can park in parking 7.

Event open
During the open days of the show, exhibitors will need to purchase their parking spaces. We recommend doing this in advance on the Viparis website.

Onsite lifting
GES Logistics is our sole official contractor for PharamgoraPlus, therefore no other contractor will be permitted to enter the exhibition halls with forklifts during the tenancy of the event. Please ensure to contact GES Logistics at MBernal@ges.com with your lifting and transport requirements.



Access for People with Reduced Mobility
Onsite facilities are available for exhibitors and visitors with reduced mobility. For further information, please contact Viparis directly +

During your visit, please inform the Organisers if you are involved in or witness an accident.

Please note that the aisles are not part of your stand. No equipment or staff must cross the boundary of your stand. All aisles must remain free and accessible at all times.

Badges - Exhibitors/Contractors (build-up & breakdown) 
Exhibitors and contractors require a badge to enter Hall 3. These cannot be pre-ordered but are to be collected directly from Security on site.

Badges - Exhibitor (open period)
Any staff from your stand must wear an exhibitor badge to enter the Hall. You must pre-order exhibitor badges via your Exhibitor Zone. When ordered, a code will be sent to you via email, which you will need to collect your badge on site.

You may collect these badges directly from registration from 3pm on the Friday. For any last minute requests, please contact the registration desk. If you arrive before this time, please collect a contractor pass from security to gain access.


  • Gas-filled balloons must be adequately secured to the stand. Charges will be levied for any costs incurred for repairing damage to the air handling units within the halls due to gas-filled balloons being drawn into the units and for removing balloons from the roof structures.
  • Balloons must be positioned at a height no greater than 4m from the hall floor to the top of the balloon.
  • Balloons must hang only over your own stand. 
  • A plan must be submitted to the organisers detailing location, height and method of attachment.
  • All helium gas cylinders must be removed from the halls once the balloons have been filled and the use of flammable gases is not permitted.

If you wish to have a rigged banner above your stand at more than 4m height, please contact the commercial team: Fawzi El Hachemi f.elhachemi@closerstillmedia.com.

Carpets / Floor coverings
All aisles and Shell Scheme Stands will be covered with carpet provided by the official contractor, GL Events.

Exhibitors with a Shell Scheme Stand are able to choose a different carpet colour for an extra charge. An exhibitor wishing to change this must contact GL Events.

If you are planning a structure inside of your shell scheme stand, please contact Pharmagora Logistics via logistique.pgp@closerstillmedia.com.

Local Authority Health & Safety regulations prohibit the presence of under 16s in the halls during build-up and breakdown. The Exhibition is a trade event and the nature of the exhibits during the open period will reflect this, as such, it is not a suitable environment for minors. There are no crèche facilities at this event.

Cleaning for shell scheme stands
Shell Scheme Stands will be cleaned on both open mornings, except where a nightsheet is used. This service consists of daily cleaning of the stands before opening to the public. 

- disposal of plastic film that protects the carpet,
- Emptying of bins,
- Vaccum cleaning,
- wiping down of surfaces and furniture.

Not included: 
- Cleaning of machines or equipment exhibited,
- Supplying skips or large bins.

Cleaning - general
CLEANING IS NOT PROVIDING FOR SPACE ONLY STANDS. Please contact the cleaning company MILLENIUM for a quotation: stand@millenium-sas.com or +

  • Rubbish will be collected daily during the show open period.
  • Please dispose of any liquids so as to avoid spillage and damage to the carpets.
  • Exhibitors requiring emergency cleaning during the exhibition should contact the Organisers' office (please note only light cleaning will be possible during show opening hours, vacuuming will not be possible until the close of the show). If the stand holds a lockable interior space, please leave a spare key with the Organisers so as to give the cleaner access to the space.

Millenium will be available during build and breakdown for any extra service needed.

The cloakroom is located in the main entrance of Hall 3. Open daily until thirty minutes after the close of the exhibition. There is a charge of €2 per item.

Exhibitors are responsible for all panels, columns, hired accessories, etc. within their stand area. Any damage will be charged back to the exhibitor. Please examine your stand space as soon as you arrive and report any damage so you are not charged for it. All exhibits and standfitting materials must be cleared from the venue and charges will be levied for the removal of any abandoned articles, including carpet tape and literature.

Power supply and lighting are NOT provided on your stand. You must order the mains power via Viparis and fittings via GL Events using the relevant order forms.

Emergency and Fire Procedures
Please take extra care when reading the emergency and fire procedures of Paris Porte de Versailles.

First Aid
The first aid service is located in the security offices close to Hall 5. They can be reached via the Organisers’ office.

Floor Loadings
For all queries regarding the maximum floor loading, please contact logistique.pgp@closerstillmedia.com.

No furniture is provided with your stand. For any requirements, please order through GL Events.

A: Mains Supply
The Venue is solely responsible for the supply and connection of natural gas, compressed air, water and waste services. Services will be supplied via underfloor service ducts and must be controlled by a mains stop-cock fitted in rigid metal piping and in an accessible position on your stand.

B: Compressed Gases
Please contact logistique.pgp@closerstillmedia.com for more information.

Any loss or damage occurring during the event should immediately be reported to the Organisers' Office and onsite security staff. Please note the Exhibitor insurance does not cover contractors and possible subcontractors present at the event. Contractors must prove they have their own insurance covering the minimum required by Paris Porte-de-Versailles.

We advise that contractors working on complex structures should have liability insurance up to 6 000 000 Euros and are also able to provide proof of employer liability insurance. We advise that contractors working on normal structures should have liability cover up to 2 000 000 Euros and are also able to provide proof of employer liability insurance.

For further information regarding insurance, please contact logistique.pgp@closerstillmedia.com.

Logistics and Onsite Lifting Contractor
GES Logistics is our sole official contractor for PharamgoraPlus, therefore no other contractor will be permitted to enter the exhibition halls with forklifts during the tenancy of the event. Please ensure to contact GES Logistics at MBernal@ges.com with your lifting and transport requirements.

Maintenance work to stands must be carried out the evening prior to open, or after the close of the show by prior arrangement with the Organisers. No maintenance will be permitted during the open hours.

Exhibitors must ensure that any staff responsible for delivery and the set-up of their own stand items possess the correct maintenance equipment and tools required. Maintenance can only be carried out before or after show open / close.

No equipment can be borrowed from the Organisers.

Please note: It is forbidden to nail, screw or stick anything to the shell scheme framework other than using double-sided tape, picture rails (rods and hooks belonging to the framework), wire or any other means that will not damage the panels or framework.

The following are also prohibited:
Any drilling to affix machines, balance and windproof equipment on slab floors, terraces as well as any other part of the building;
Any glueing or material adherence to the slabs, paving or other building items of Paris Expo-Porte de Versailles.
Any damage will be charged to the exhibitor and will be invoiced for the amount it will take to restore.

Musical Licenses
Please contact logistique.pgp@closerstillmedia.com for further information.

Some stands will have pillars inside them, some of which give access to fire safety equipment which cannot be covered. Please check with logistique.pgp@closerstillmedia.com for pillar dimensions. 

Please contact logistique.pgp@closerstillmedia.com if you are planning on having food or beverage samples on your stand.

For security reasons, there will be no storage room for packaging inside the exhibition hall. Exhibitors will have to arrange for their removal before the opening of the event. GES Logistics can provide storage. Please refer to their order form at the back of this manual.

The 24hr security provided by the Organisers is designed to prevent unauthorised access to the hall, NOT to secure the contents of your stand. There will be internal overnight security patrols only and these cannot secure the safety of your goods if left unattended.

Please ensure your stand is manned at all times. Please help the organisers with the security of the halls by informing the Organisers' office immediately of any security issues. Exhibitors are advised to not leave their stands unattended during build-up, breakdown or the open period, and to take particular care with personal items such as mobile telephones and laptop computers.

Please note that most hired cabinets have common locks and should NOT be regarded as secure units. Any incidents of theft must be reported to the Organisers immediately as it will be necessary to complete a security form and report the incident to the police. Please note that neither the Organisers nor the venue can be held responsible for any loss or damage to stands or exhibits.

Storage and Onsite Handling
There are no storage facilities at the Venue and any company requiring this facility should contact GES Logistics for a specific quotation.

You are also advised that fire regulations prohibit the storage of empty crates, packing materials and exhibits behind stands. Please complete the relevant form or contact GES Logistics using the details in the checklist/order forms section.

Vehicles/trailers on the Stand
Please contact logistique.pgp@closerstillmedia.com  for further information.

You are required to remove all standfitting material and waste generated at the end of breakdown. Any rubbish left in the hall will be skipped by the Cleaning Department and a charge of €500 per skip load will be charged to the relevant exhibitor. We will be taking digital photos of each area as proof and an invoice will be sent to you after the event.


The Pharmagora Plus team is here to assist you with every matter relating to the show. 
If you have any logistical questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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